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If you’ve ever thought about leaving your traditional job to pursue self-employment, then this newsletter is for you.

I quit my job in May 2023 to do exactly that.

I’m documenting my journey every week as I build a $20k/month business.

And my hope is that I inspire people like you to make the jump through useful resources to make it a little easier on you than it was for me.

My Early Exit Plan has 3 components:

  1. Build a growth marketing consulting business (short-term revenue)
  2. Create passive income via affiliate marketing on my website (medium-term revenue)
  3. A mystery project I’ll reveal soon (long-term revenue)

I wrote a guide on how I started consulting (including how much I charge).

Twice a month I post detailed financial updates showing exactly where my income came from and how much I made from each channel.

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I wanted to create an ultra-transparent view into what it’s like to transition out of the full time workforce towards working for myself.

There are no secrets here.

I literally tell you how much revenue I make and how much I spend every month.

I don’t have anything to sell, there’s no $1,999 course hiding behind my content.

I created this because I want to help other people do this too.

Not in some bullshit Instagram Guru way, but like actually help other people do it.

But wait, why should you listen to me anyway?

Who am I?

👋 Hey, I’m Nick.

My #1 career goal was always to retire early.

It’s kind of weird when I write it out like that, but the biggest goal for my career was to stop having a career as early as possible.

I wrote more about my background here but the short story is I wanted to retire by the time I was 40 years old.

Well, I’m not 40 yet. I’m 34 at the time of writing this.

But I realized that I was making almost enough income on the side to support my family.

So I asked myself this question: If I could make that much money as a side project, what would happen if I went all in on it?

And here we are.

I’m not retired yet, not even close, but I’m building a life I want to live that’s free from the demands of corporate life.

I want to document my journey and share it with people like you.

Because life is too fucking short to spend it working for someone else, fighting for raises and promotions, and building bullshit power points.

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